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…and I’ve been fortunate to have some of them say a few good words about me.

“It has been my pleasure and honor to work with Jeff Odland over the last few years.  My respect for Jeff is very strong. There are many things that stand out to me about Jeff, most importantly, the fact that he is an honest, honorable person.  Integrity and honor are becoming harder and harder to find in people today.  Not only does Jeff excel in ensuring that his integrity and honor are intact, Jeff exemplifies these traits.  Jeff also has a way of making people around him feel respected, yet he challenges them to be their best in a manner that truly does bring out their best.  Jeff is also a critical thinker; someone who can see all of the angles and politely and effectively help you to see them.

When involved in business dealings, Jeff is sincere, personable, and adept at building a friendship with you, so that he can better serve you.  Jeff does not push you into decisions that are not right for you, he learns about you, your business and your needs, and helps you in making the right decisions.  Jeff practices servant leadership; he leads by serving the people around him.  Jeff is involved in a wide range of leadership activities that directly assists his customers/clients and people he calls friends in achieving their goals.

It is an honor to call Jeff a business associate and friend.  I look forward to working with him and being his friend for many years.”

Michael Meline

Principal, Cyber Self Defense

“I’ve worked with Jeff on a number of projects over the years. Jeff’s insistence on a ‘customer first’ approach is refreshing and is what builds a partnership that I appreciate when doing business with him.”
David Berndt

CEO, Pendulum IT

“Our team at the county enjoyed the focused customer service, quality communication, and responsiveness from Jeff. We jointly executed a number of complex and technically demanding telecommunications projects over several years as the county expanded their network capabilities.  His customer-oriented focus ensured that the county was well-served; we always felt that we could depend on his quick and personal response to any questions or concerns.  His return to the Intermax team will certainly serve the company, well as expand their telecommunications market with such a seasoned and capable executive.”
Bill Harp

Technology Director Emeritus, Bonner County

“Jeff brings an unusually high degree of technical competence of his field to the table, along with a refreshing candor and consultative approach, traits which we value.  I applaud Intermax for bringing Jeff aboard.
Scott Hoskins

Kootenai Health